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What's Happening for IWA Members 

  • Kessler and IWA Are Working On The Definitive Marketing and Promotions EBook for EBook Authors:

THE MASTER PLAN: What John Locke Conveniently Left Out and Much More!
The Guide to Promoting and Marketing Your EBook Novel

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  • Kessler’s Hanging His Editing/Mentoring and Cover Art Producing Shingle Out Again—need help? (No, it’s not free, silly!): Click Here!
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We’ll discuss everything on THE MASTER PLAN outline, including:

1. Ten things you can control on your Amazon book’s page that will optimize its visibility and its reader attractability;

2. How to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and not use up valuable writing/family time;

3. What’s the best price point for your work;

4. How to get reviews;

5. So very much more!


Welcome to the Indie Writers Alliance Web Page!
If you're tired of the Traditional/Conventional Publishing Industry and want to excel with your own writing, you've come to the WRITE place!


· Why Be an Independent Writer and Sell Your Work in eBook and POD Formats?

Because it's easy, you have complete control, and your royalties are much higher! (Read More Below)


·  Traditional Publishing Woes:

"One in a thousand manuscripts get published," and even then it takes forever to find an agent, then an editor. After that you have to wait a year and a half to three years to see your work on the bookstore shelf--even then, they spend little to promote your book!

(Read More Below) 


·  Indie ePublishing Wows!

You can have your work published and being sold within 48 hours!

Royalties are as high as 70%!


·  The Nearly Unbelievable Success Stories:

Big name authors are turning down contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to go INDIE!

Some indie writers are making over a $1,000,000 a year off eBooks alone!

Many indie writers are selling 50-100 books per day! (Read More Below) 


· Why Join Indie Writers Alliance?

It's an ALLIANCE--we take care of each other.  We blog, we review and promote each other's books.  We're in this together! (Read More Below)

What's it take to be an Indie Writers Alliance member?

Ambition, a dream and a love for writing.



Soon, you'll be networking with other IWA members.

  Email me with your full name, location (city and state), and tell me what you write.

Also, list all the places you can be found on the Web, i.e., website, Web pages, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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For the past 22 years,  I have struggled to get my novels traditionally pub-lished. Although I have come close on numerous occasions, I've yet to see any of my work produced by a royalty paying publisher. I've submitted hundreds and hundreds of queries, both paper and electronic, and several dozen manuscripts. Month after month, I've waited anxiously for their replies, and had my hopes dashed far too many times with the receipt of a rejection letter.


I've had contracts fall through, verbal agreements dropped, and I even turned down a publishing contract because I thought I could find something better.


I've had the big, "million-dollar" agents. I've made dozens of contacts with the NYC movers and shakers, am friends with editors, agents, and NY Times Bestselling authors. I've even had a senior editor at a major publishing house query me! It's been a fun, yet mostly unfulfilling quest.




So, why am I doing this?


I want to sell my books:


There's power in numbers--the more members we have, the more exposure all of our work will have from blogs, social and professional networking sites and even emails and newsletters.


These websites expose more writers to my writing services, seminars and books, and I enjoy helping writers, as I've been doing now for nearly twenty years.


I've charted a new course for my own writing career, and I ain't looking back. This ship's pulling up anchor soon, and will be sailing fast. Care to come aboard? I guarantee a fun ride!



Gordon A Kessler


Why Be an Independent Writer and Sell Your Work in eBook and POD Formats?


Incredible things are happening. Actually, much of it started years back, but only a few visionaries saw the full potential of what was taking place. It started with "eBooks". They have literally revolutionized the book publishing and selling industry.


The facts, as I see them, are listed below.

The nearly unbeliev-able success stories:


Not long ago at a writers conference, I heard a simple little lady around 70 years old speak about her experience with her newly epublished cozy mystery. She looked and spoke no more special than you or I. However, she had recently become a successful writer after publishing one eBook for Kindle on Amazon. She had blogged quite a bit to get the word out. She told about making only a few sales the first month, but sales increased dramatically as months passed. Now, Sales for the fifth month were nearly 1300 books, and in the first six days of the seventh month, she had sold 400.


This wasn't the only story at the conference: another lady did the same thing, with similar results; averaging 55 eBook sales per day.


Then there’s the story of 26-year-old indie novelist   Amanda Hocking who sold 169,000 eBooks in her eighth month of epublishing, making her total at that point more than 500,000. In the first year, her eBook sales have reached over 1,000,000!


Brian S. Pratt went from poverty level in 2009. With eBook sales, he's on track to earn over $200,000 in 2011.


Lindsay Buroker has made $724 in royalties for just her third month of selling her two eBooks.


Award-winning mystery/ suspense author L J Sellers went independent, even though she was a successful, traditionally published writer.


Best-selling thriller author Barry Eisler turned down a $500,000 advance in favor of epublishing as an indie!  Why? His NYC publisher would only pay him 15%!


The stories go on and on. The secret seems to be persistence which makes monthly books sales grow EXPONENTIALLY!


Traditional Publishing:


1. Fewer people are read-ing. Printing prices are sky-rocketing.


2. It can take years to find a literary agent, then more years for an agent to sell a manuscript.


3. It takes around 18 months (or longer) for books published tradi-tionally to arrive on the bookstore shelves.


4. Traditional publishers spend very little if anything to market their midlist authors' books.


5. Bookstores are closing shop because eBook and Internet (esp. Amazon) paper book sales.


6. Traditional publishers have more competition due to POD and eBooks.


7. Traditional publishers are pricing their eBooks at $8.00 to $12.00 and up.


8. EBooks are taking a larger slice of the pie, so traditional publishers are printing fewer books, and stores are ordering fewer.


9. Traditional publishers are delaying eBook version debuts until after printed versions have been out, to sell more of the paper.


10. Traditional publishers pay 10 royalties on print, 25% on eBooks, tops.


11. Bestselling authors' books are now selling better as eBooks (NYT BS Steve Berry anticipates his book sales will be 60-70% eBooks this year).


12. Although most books are sold by author name recognition and return fans; the cover, book jacket synopsis, first pages and PRICE sell nearly as many.


Indie ePublishing:


15. Indie authors' eBooks are being published for Kindle and listed on Amazon at no cost to the author (along with other eBook sites in formats for other eBook readers).


16. They receive the same attention as traditionally published eBooks do (the same basic listing).


17. Indie authors receive 70% royalties for eBooks priced at $2.99 and over (35% for under $2.99).


18. An eBook can be published and made available within 48 hours.


19. An author does not need an agent (or an editor) to publish an eBook—this can be a bad thing, too, if you know what I mean.


20. Indie authors can reach thousands of readers all over the country and world with just a little blogging.


21. Indie authors can price their eBooks much lower than eBooks distributed by traditional houses.


22. There are incredible marketing tools available to everyone with the Internet, including blogs, websites, social network-ing sites like Facebook, and even book trailers made for YouTube and eBook websites.


23. Book trailers can be acquired for as low as $40 or even be author-produced for very little.


24. Even short stories can be produced for Kindle and sold on Amazon!


And here’s a really telling fact: this past December, only six of the top 26 indie authors with eBooks on Kindle were already established writers.


You've landed on the entrance page for the Indie Writer Alliance.


It's a sort of co-op, based from a special member page one click away on this Writers Matrix website.



From the IWA member page, we'll plot our course and work together getting our work epublished in as many places as possible. And we'll promote our work both individually and as a team, finding the best blogs and Internet sites to promote, market and sell our books.

Why join Indie Writers Alliance?

 As an IWA member, you'll have easy access to dozens of critical links and other resources pertinent to eBook and POD publishing, as well as a blog frequented by like-minded indie writers.


Through strength in numbers, your exposure to readers will increase exponentially with dozens of members blogging, social networking and otherwise connecting with readers.


Alliance members will feel compelled to purchase and provide positive reviews for other members' work in the spirit of reciprocation. After all, that's what "the Alliance" is all about--writers helping other writers become successful!


You'll find a step by step strategic, book-marketing plan, following in the footsteps of experienced indie writers in order to promote, market and sell your books and help make you a successful author.

Where Readers Go to Get the Best Quality Fiction and Nonfiction from Writers Who Dare to be Independent!

A few concerns to consider before you epublish: 


1. What are the traditional publishers going to do—do you think these behemoths will take it lying down? What can they do?


2. Will all these indie eBooks overload the system?


3. Will indie epublishing make it too easy for anyone, even kids and idiots, to publish poor quality work and trash?


4. Will new restrictions be made on indie authors' work to help ensure quality?


5. Just what will the market look like in six months, a year, two years?





 Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers